Neighborhood School

Los Angeles, CA
Mele playing volleyball at WNS as a 7th grader

Redondo Union
High school

Redondo Beach, CA
Mele playing volleyball at Redondo Union HS as a freshman

Long Beach

Carson, CA
Mele playing a year up every year at Mizuno

2023 Under Armour
All American

Orlando, FL
Mele posing for Under Armour's All American media day

of Oklahoma

Norman, OK
Mele's first picture wearing an OU jersey
Mele's second picture wearing an OU jersey
Mele's third picture wearing an OU jersey
Mele's fourth picture wearing an OU jersey

Volley For Tonga
Tsunami Relief Fundraiser

As a proud Tongan, the impact of the volcanic eruption and resulting tsunami that devastated the small island nation hit very close to home. With many of my own family members still living on the island, it was a very scary time for all of us. In an effort to help, I decided to enlist two of my teammates for a back-to-back volleyball pledge-a-thon to raise funds which were donated to buy books, school supplies, and clothes for kids on the island.

Volley for Tonga Tsnunami Relief Fundraiser

Community Food Distribution
for Covid Relief

As we all know, the pandemic had a huge impact on the lives of many people. None more so than the communities and neighborhoods of the inner city, where my family was raised. In an effort to help make sure families could eat during the pandemic, my family and I organized a weekly food distribution event where anyone could come by my grandma's house and pick up a free box of vegetables, eggs, meats, milk and other staple food items. My family and I did this every week for 2 years.

Community Food Distribution Event for Covid Relief

I am proud
to be Mexican

Mele is wearing her Mexican outfit with pride

I am proud
to be Tongan

Mele is wearing her traditional Tongan outfit with pride

I am proud
to be Serbian

Mele is proud to be Serbian